Import & Export Container Fumigation Services Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, USA


How do I get my cargo fumigated before export?

It’s a pretty straight forward process. On our contact page, send us your request with the type of cargo or commodity, destination, expected delivery to our facility and any other details or questions you may have. Once we review it, we’ll contact you back usually within an hour or so.

How do I find out if my shipment requires fumigation?

Your broker, forwarder or agent will typically have that information available. If not, contact us and we’ll check it out for you. In the event it requires treatment, we’ll forward you the requirement from the destination country’s import regulation page.

How long is the fume operation?

With methyl bromide and sulfuryl flouride fumigations, its generally around 24 hours from the time its enters our facility to when it’s available for pick up. Phosphine treatments on stored grains depend on temperature so they can take up to 4 or 5 days to complete.

Can I export my cargo with wooden crates and pallets?

All countries have strict guidelines for any shipments containing wood. Some nations do accept the certificate of fumigation as an acceptable treatment as long as the fumigation is performed according to their guidelines. The countries that do not will require any wooden articles used i n the shipment to be heat treated. Heat treated pallets and crates can be purchased from industrial suppliers such as Uhine and Grainger if nothing is available close to the shipment point of origin.

Can use plastic wrap in my shipment?

The best option is to use web type wrap. The problems we have seen over the years were the result of shippers completely wrapping their shipments in plastic wrap effectively preventing the fumigant from penetrating the cargo.

How do you make sure the shipment is safe following fumigation?

All treatments once completed, have a minimum number of hours they must aerate prior to release. Before the shipment is released a clearance device is used to verify all gases have been expelled from the commodity, vehicle compartments and container. From methyl bromide and phosphine fumigations, we use the Accuro pump with low colorimetric tubes and for sulfuric fluoride we use the CLIRcheck infrared portable monitor.

Will I receive a certificate for my shipment?

All export shipments are issued a stamped certificate of fumigation. Certificates for import treatments are available upon request. There is no additional charge for certificates.

How do I receive a phytosanitary certificate for my agricultural export?

When you send us your request through our contact page, specify phytosanitary required. We will fill in and submit your exact shipment details through the USDA’s PCIT system and Los Angeles County will issue the phytosanitary for the treatment on site.