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Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Fumigation

How To Prepare For Fumigation

Many pests require fumigation methods to deal with an infestation. As a business or homeowner, you might already know about fumigation techniques to rid homes or buildings of pest infestations such as termites. Fumigation services are also often used to deal with ticks, fleas, bed bugs, along with other pests.

Fumigation is a method that involves enveloping a business or home followed by filling the entire space with a chemical or fumigant that permeates the home. Fumigation is highly effective for pests like termites since the fumigant seeps into the wood which helps to eliminate entire termite colonies in every life stage from the eggs to the adults.

Not all pest infestations require fumigation. However, all types of fumigation services will require property preparation. Here is more information on the preparation process used for fumigations.

If you are dealing with any type of pest infestation, call SP Fume office today, so that we can tell you more about the different treatment methods, which includes fumigation.

Preparation Steps For Fumigation

Before you hire a pest control service for fumigation, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare your home. Here are the steps to follow:

How To Prepare For A Fumigation

Make sure you have arranged for accommodation so that you are away from the building during your fumigation process.

Give the keys to your home to a pest control expert, so that they can gain access to conduct the procedure.

Remove any living thing from your home, including plants and pets. Introducing poison and chemicals to your home can cause serious harm or even kill plants or pets.

Seal or remove tobacco products, medicines, food, etc. Either use the fumigation bags provided or remove these items from your home. It is also important to protect or seal anything that may be ingested after the fumigation.

Deeply soak your garden beds and dirt areas adjacent to your house, which will help the tent to seal.

Rake dirt and gravel around your home to ensure that the tent is secured around your house.

Open all the doors in every room inside your home. This will allow the fumigants to travel to every area of the structure, ensuring your entire home is treated. Cabinets, cupboards, and any other area where the pests may be hiding must also be open.

Arrange with your gas provider company to have your gas turned back on when you are permitted to re-enter your property.

The Fumigation Process

An expert will first give you advice on whether it is necessary to fumigate your property to deal with your pest issue. When we arrive at your empty house, we use a fumigation tent over your home to make sure the fumigant remains inside the building to effectively treat your pest infestation.

Home Fumigation

Once we have made sure your home is secure and empty, we release the fumigant into your home. Our specialists will accurately measure how much fumigant is needed according to the size of the home and the weather conditions. The fumigant then filters throughout the building, penetrating structures like wood to eliminate your pest infestation.

These processes are designed to get rid of many types of pests, but won’t cause harm or damages to carpets, clothing, furniture, or any other area in your business or home. The fumigant that SP Fume uses doesn’t leave behind a residue.

On completion of the fumigation process, our team of specialists will open the home so that the fumigant releases. SP Fume professionals will monitor aeration processes to make sure the gas is gone before they will certify your building for re-entry. When you return to your home, you can be sure that your insect problem is finally gone.

What Type Of Pests Require Fumigation?

Fumigation is one of the more common methods used for termites. Yet you can also use fumigation for other pests like bed bugs, ticks, and fleas. Over and above tent fumigation, and home fumigation, there is also container fumigation used for businesses. These processes involve the use of a fumigant used for a product shipment to make sure no pests will be accidentally brought into an area through products and shipping containers.

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