Import & Export Container Fumigation Services Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California, USA


Listed below are the links to the labels of the fumigants regularly utilize at the facility.
Methyl Bromide, Sulfuryl Fluoride, Phosphine

Meth O Gas Q Label EPA 5785-41
Meth O Gas 100 Label EPA 5785-11
Vikane Label EPA 1015-78
ProFume Label EPA 1015-79
Chloropicrin Label
Fumi-Cel Label EPA 72959-1 & 72959-2
Photostoxin Label EPA 72959-4 & 72959-5
Meth O Gas Q SDS
Meth O Gas 100 SDS
Vikane SDS
ProFume SDS
Chloroprerin SDS
Fumi – Cel SDS
Fumitoxin SDS
Phostoxin SDS


Brochure & Information

Pro Fume Brochure
Pro Fume General Info
Vikane General Info